Ten years of flexible working with Mozambique Managed Offices (MMO)

Our ten year anniversary is a time for celebration, and also an opportunity to reflect on the challenges – and opportunities – we’ve faced since opening our first managed office space in Maputo in 2012. Since then, we’ve expanded from one to four office locations and in 2018 we opened a second business, MMO Facilities.  

First, the celebration! In my mind our greatest achievement is the team we have nurtured. Last year on this blog we interviewed Beatriz Nhanala, our first employee, who is also celebrating her 10 year anniversary.  Beatriz is one of many women who have grown and developed with us. 80% of our employees are women and we have a 100% female senior management team. 

We also enjoy strong relationships with our clients, many of whom have been with us for several years. I’m so proud that we’ve been able to have such a positive impact on our colleagues and clients, including Baker Hughes, CB&I, Worley Parsons, Diageo and General Electric

We have also received external recognition for our work in Mozambique. In 2019 MMO won the BCI Bank’s Best Small to Medium Sized Business award. BCI Bank is one of our partners and it was an honour to be recognised by them. 

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Every challenge presents an opportunity

Without a doubt, our biggest challenge in the last ten years has been the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to COVID we were operating at 90% capacity, but within a matter of months occupancy dropped to 40% as people were instructed to work from home or companies downsized.  We quickly regrouped and consolidated, putting in place comprehensive safety measures and doubling down on our flexible rental options.

Clients are now returning to Mozambique and our occupancy has rebounded.  COVID-19 has changed the way people are working and many companies are permanently revising their employment practices to embrace flexible and hybrid working. Flexibility has always been at the core of the MMO business model and we are perfectly positioned to meet this need.  

The next ten years of Mozambique Managed Office

My team and I have big plans for MMO! We want to expand the number of office spaces we operate and increase geographically to new locations around Mozambique. This physical expansion will provide opportunities for our existing team members to gain new experience, as well as create new jobs.

As we grow, I’m determined to do our part for climate change and further reduce our carbon footprint. In September 2021, MMO was awarded the One Carbon World, Carbon Neutral International Standard following an inventory of  our greenhouse gas emissions. We will continue to work with Maris to identify areas for further improvement and action. Mozambique is at the frontline of the climate crisis and we need to grow in harmony with the environment.

Sany Weng San – General Manage Mozambique Managed Offices

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