About Us

Unique operational focus

With numerous operating companies across five key economic sectors, in twelve countries, we are uniquely positioned to harness the exciting growth opportunities Africa has to offer.

We are intensely focused on operations, and control more than 80% of our holdings.

Our management teams have the experience, networks and cultural insight needed to incubate, turnaround, and scale businesses in challenging operating environments.

As an employer in some of the world’s poorest countries we have huge social and environmental responsibilities. Since inception we have invested heavily in Environmental, Social and Governance management and operate according to the most rigorous, transparent international standards. 

Maris timeline and major milestones

Maris History

The Maris Africa Fund was established in 2009, drawing on the founders’ frontier market operating experience and African networks. They identified a series of early-stage opportunities in South Sudan and Kenya, which paved the way to a portfolio that now spans 12 countries and 22 companies.

Between 2010 and 2014 the Maris Africa Fund made 14 investments in seven countries, doubling the value of the portfolio. But the team felt the typical private equity fund cycle was at odds with our longer-term objectives and restricted the potential for greater synergy across the portfolio.

So in 2014 Maris restructured as a Permanent Capital Vehicle and held a rights issue raising $36m and achieving an exit for shareholders. The selling shareholders received up to 2x original investment and a net IRR of 24%.

Following the restructuring of Maris from Fund to Company the group implemented a variety of significant changes. The portfolio underwent rationalisation with the sale of some smaller and non-core assets. The remaining portfolio companies were aggregated into a more divisionalised structure. Today the group is focused on implementing its 5 core divisional strategies and maintaining a diverse asset base, by country and sector, as we continue to build the business.

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