ALP Supports Steps Towards Sustainable Transportation with Electric Vehicles

Increased investment in the renewable energy sector and e-mobility is urgently needed across Africa to accelerate the green transition and reduce governments’ spending on oil. President William Ruto of Kenya recently announced his support for the adoption of electric vehicles in the country, in line with the government’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and combating climate change. 

President Ruto recognises the potential of electric mobility to revolutionise the transportation sector, generate job opportunities, and foster sustainable economic growth. His government is set to unveil a comprehensive e-mobility plan, which will include the development of charging infrastructure (an area of particular interest to Maris – click here to read more), tax incentives for manufacturers and buyers, and the establishment of a regulatory framework to govern the sector. 

Maris’ renewables division is focusing on Kenya’s transition to e-mobility and Africa Logistic Properties (ALP), part of our property division has recently partnered with ebee, a company dedicated to revolutionising urban transportation, offering electric bicycles for sale, lease, and service to individuals and businesses. ALP is proud to provide ebee with state-of-the-art warehouse facilities to support their business growth.

Find out more about ebee bikes and their partnership with ALP here:

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