Equator Mobility Partners with NKG Coffee Mills Kenya to Transport Green Coffee in Nairobi

NKG Coffee Mills Kenya is embracing the transition to electric transport. Their decision to lease an electric van from Equator Mobility is a significant milestone in their journey towards the complete electrification of their logistics fleet.

Their CEO, Marten Sievers says: “Transport accounts for 15% of global carbon emissions, so cleaner vehicles are essential for preventing climate change. We are proud to be playing a role in the e-mobility revolution in Kenya. Reducing our carbon footprint at NKG is a priority and part of our strategy to provide the best quality green coffee to our customers. We look forward to working with Equator Mobility on this project.

Alex Mwanzo, General Manager at Equator Mobility, emphasizes the dual advantage of significant cost savings and reduced environmental impact: “Equator Mobility’s goal is to help our customers make the switch to electric. By removing up-front costs and handling all technical and maintenance requirements throughout the lease, we make the transition as easy as possible. Each of our partnerships has a meaningful impact – this lease alone will enable NKG to save over 3,700 kilograms of CO2 per year within its transport division, the equivalent of a normal diesel van driving 15,000 kilometers.”

About Equator Mobility

Since 2021, Equator Mobility has pioneered electric commercial vehicle use in Kenya. Their innovative leasing model addresses the high costs associated with electric vehicle ownership, making electric vehicles more accessible to businesses of all sizes in Kenya. This not only reduces emissions but also fosters growth by promoting greener transportation in Nairobi, one of Africa’s most polluted cities. Equator Mobility is paving the way for critical investment into EV infrastructure and a cleaner, more affordable transport system.

About NKG

NKG takes coffee from farm, via mill, to port for export to customers around the world. They source coffee cherries from local farmers and cooperatives. They process arabica and robusta coffee at their mill in Ruiru (Nairobi) and prepare the green coffee for export to countries all around the globe.

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