Ag, Food & Forestry

Agriculture, Food & Forestry is a mainstay of all the economies in which we operate, with the power to generate strong returns, create better quality employment and help alleviate poverty.

60% of the world’s unutilised crop land is in Africa. Highly favourable growing conditions, unique market windows for export, and growing global demand for food and sustainable timber compound the region’s strategic advantage.

At present, however, productivity is low and operations remain highly inefficient. This presents us with compelling opportunities to develop large-scale, vertically-integrated agri-businesses.

Our Agriculture, Food and Forestry division is run by our subsidiary company, Agris, who focus on reviving distressed commercial plantations and providing expansion capital to well-run horticulture operations.

Ag, Food & Forestry

Equatoria Teak Company

85% ownership 
South Sudan

ETC and sister company Green Environ Teak Company (50% ownership) are South Sudan’s leading sustainable plantations and Africa’s second largest teak grower with 2,200 ha of planted teak. ETC has recently expanded its operations to include coffee production through a large scale out-grower network, in partnership with FAO South Sudan, Hummingbird Action for Peace and Development, and ICCO Cooperation. We are in the process of expanding our planted area of teak to over 5,000 ha.  

Ag, Food & Forestry

Evergreen Fresh

100% ownership 

Evergreen Fresh was formed in 2021 with a vision of consistently delivering the highest quality fruits, herbs and vegetables to the Nairobi retail and food service sectors. The company sources its produce from the Evergreen Herbs and Majestic Mushrooms farms and is in the process of developing a reliable out grower network. 

Ag, Food & Forestry

Evergreen Herbs

100% ownership 

In 2020 we started Evergreen Herbs Limited, a leading grower and exporter of fresh, cut herbs from East Africa. We specialise in providing a broad range of high-quality herbs, throughout the year from our two farms, near Nairobi.  We also produce a range of high-quality vegetables for the local market.

Ag, Food & Forestry

Majestic Mushrooms

20% ownership 

Majestic Mushrooms Ltd was incorporated in 2019 and is located next to Lake Naivasha. Our highly experienced team employ the most innovative and modern growing technologies to produce a wide variety of fresh mushrooms for the Kenyan market.

Ag, Food & Forestry

Wakulima Tea Company

56% ownership 

Wakulima Tea Company is the tea business of leading Tanzanian plantation company TATEPA. It is Tanzania’s second largest tea producer and Maris’ biggest employer with over 1000 employees. We manage 308 ha of tea estates, but source the majority of our green leaf from a network of over 12,000 outgrower smallholder farmers, who own 30% of the business and are also provided with extensive technical, financial and community support.

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