Carbon Neutrality

To avoid the worst effects of climate change, we need to take responsibility for our impact and act now. Africa has made a minimal contribution to global carbon emissions, approximately 3.8% according to the CDP Africa report, but is being disproportionally impacted by rising temperatures and extreme weather events, with many of the business in the Maris portfolio feeling the negative impact of climate events.

In May 2022 five businesses within the Maris portfolio were recognised as having achieved carbon neutrality, meaning they have achieved net zero carbon emissions by balancing emissions with carbon removals.

Carbon Neutrality Statement

One Carbon World say, ‘offsetting plays an important role in rapidly deploying environmental solutions where it is economically most viable. This helps to bridge the gap between now and the time our societies will be able to phase out GreenHouse Gas (GHG) emitting technologies.’

Between 1st January 2020 and 31st July 2021 five businesses – Quirimbas Support Services, OSS Mozambique, Mozambique Managed Offices, Evergreen Herbs and Mulitani SA – have offset a total of 1979.03 tons CO2e.

According to One Tree Planted, between 4.5 and 40.7 tons of carbon dioxide are removed from the atmosphere per year, per hectare of trees in the first 20 years of growth. Maris is also taking steps to reduce carbon emissions across the group. Equator Energy installs solar power systems that save 32,400 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions every year. It is estimated that 67% of energy related to GHG emissions in Kenya is generated by the transport sector. Equator Electric is leading the e-mobility revolution offering two and four wheeler electric vehicle replacements to the burgeoning delivery sector. At least half a million new trees have been planted at Equatoria Teak Company, the group’s sustainable teak plantation in South Sudan.

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