Evergreen Herbs Achieves One Carbon World Carbon Neutral International Standard

Evergreen Herbs is the second company in the Maris portfolio to officially join the United Nations Climate Change (UNFCCC)’s Climate Neutral Now Initiative, which invites organisations to work towards global climate neutrality by addressing their climate footprint.

Evergreen Herbs has officially achieved the One Carbon World Carbon Neutral International Standard by undertaking and publishing an inventory of their greenhouse gas emissions.

One Carbon World is a not-for-profit organisation and a global resource partner of the Climate Neutral Now Initiative. They offer advice and support on measuring and reducing greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Operating in 24 countries, One Carbon World has already secured a commitment for reducing and compensating 20 million tons of CO2e from the atmosphere.

Maris is currently undertaking a baseline carbon emission assessment with the help of One Carbon World following the successful pilot with Wakulima Tea Company (WTC) in April 2021 and this recent achievement by Evergreen Herbs. The carbon emission baseline assessment will be completed in the 4th quarter of 2021 and provide insights into Maris’ carbon footprint and areas where it can achieve reductions in line with the findings of the latest IPCC report.

For more information about Evergreen Herbs visit Evergreen Herbs

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