Equator Mobility partners with Hummingbird Transport to provide cleaner, cheaper hotel and airport transfers

Equator Mobility has partnered with Hummingbird Transport (HBT), a leading transport provider working with premium hotels in Nairobi, to integrate electric vehicles (EVs) into their operations. Hummingbird Transport’s aim is to shield customers from rising petrol prices, which have increased by 83% over the past 5 years, and to help drive the transition to electric mobility in East Africa. By incorporating more cost-effective and environmentally friendly vehicles into their fleet, they will also significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

Aram Laloui and Joseph Murai, Directors of HBT say this is just the start of an exciting expansion journey with Equator Mobility, ‘These four EVs are already operational with one of our leading hotel clients who are over the moon with the performance and positive client feedback. This is just the beginning of the journey – by 2025 we plan to have more than 100 EVs operating across our regional network with Equator Mobility.’

Martin Murungi, Managing Director of HBT adds, ‘We have always believed that the tourism industry has a role to play in the EV movement. We’re thrilled to see our vision becoming reality. This partnership will show the world that Africa can lead the transition.’

Transitioning vehicle fleets without prohibitive upfront costs

Equator Mobility is one of Kenya’s first providers of commercial EVs. Its mission is to promote greener transportation in Nairobi, one of Africa’s most polluted cities, paving the way for critical investment in EV infrastructure and cleaner, more affordable transport. Due to the high cost of ownership associated with these types of vehicles, Equator Mobility operates primarily on operational and financial leasing models. This enables customers to benefit from lower running costs, lower CO2 emissions, lower pollutant emissions, and improved brand value without incurring prohibitive upfront costs. Kenya’s large addressable market and its renewables-heavy electricity grid make it the perfect launchpad for electric mobility.

Vehicle fleets critical for an e-mobility revolution

Harry Minter, Head of Renewables at Maris Ltd, Equator Mobility’s parent company, says more attention needs to be given to innovative commercial vehicle models. 

‘Commercial vehicles, like those operated by Hummingbird Transport, will play a pivotal role in the e-mobility revolution in Africa. The urban logistics sector in Kenya urgently needs to adopt new technologies and business models to limit climate change, which disproportionately affects the whole of Africa. By incorporating more cost-effective and environmentally friendly vehicles into their fleet, Equator Mobility and Hummingbird Transport can play a crucial role in helping Kenya tackle this challenge.’

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