Supporting Growth in the Construction Equipment Sector Across Africa

Over the past decade, Africa has witnessed significant growth in the construction sector, driven by urbanisation and infrastructure development. Despite challenges such as political instability and concerns about sustainability, the sector is set to boom, with some investors saying growth forecasts are too conservative.

How we Made it in Africa explore the future of construction in this feature, which includes an interview with Maris CEO Charlie Tryon. 

Robust Performance

META Group, a part of the Maris Services Division, specialises in the distribution of construction equipment across Africa. “Over the last 12 months we have seen good growth across our group of eight dealerships in the eight countries where we operate (Angola, Zambia, Mozambique, DRC, Tanzania, Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya). The growth is part of a post-Covid recovery, but also supported by continued infrastructure development and urbanisation in these markets and a relatively strong commodities sector,” says Charlie Tryon, CEO and co-founder of Maris.

New Products for Emerging Markets

Charlie emphasises a shift in the group’s strategy to accommodate the needs of its diverse clientele,  including the addition of products from India and China alongside Western brands like Caterpillar or Hyundai. “An excavator from India, costing 25% less than its European counterpart, is a sensible choice for our clients,” Charlie adds. This shift to lower cost alternatives is a pivotal move in META Groups recent success.

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