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Tanzania Tea Packers Limited

Tanzania Tea Packers Limited (TATEPA) is a Tanzania-based holding company, in which Maris invested in 2012. Through its subsidiaries, TATEPA is primarily engaged in two market segments: growing and processing of tea, and growing and processing of avocados. The Company’s subsidiaries include Wakulima Tea Company Limited, engaged in the growing, processing and sale of tea in the local and export markets, and Rungwe Avocado Company Ltd, engaged in the growing, packing and export of avocados. TATEPA is the third largest tea producer in Tanzania, and currently the second largest producer of avocados in Tanzania.

TATEPA focuses heavily on its social responsibility, including responsibility to its employees, communities and the environment in which it operates. TATEPA is partly owned by its outgrowers, to whom it provides extensive technical and financial support.

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