Maris Capital

Frontier Africa Group

Agriculture & Forestry

We manage Africa’s second largest sustainable teak plantations, located in South Sudan. The unusual age (>50 yrs) of our plantations make our product highly sought after by furniture manufacturers in Asia. We have developed the largest tree nursery in the country and have replanted five trees to every one harvested. We also have a share in Tatepa, a leading Tanzanian agriculture company, which grows tea and avocados through a network of over 14,000 outgrowers. Tatepa’s tea estate is the third largest in Tanzania, and the company is on track to become Tanzania’s largest producer of avocados.

These companies are major local employers and have extensive social programmes. Through its royalties Equatoria Teak Company is the largest private contributor to Western Equatoria State and its social fund has supported a range of local projects from the construction of a secondary school to vaccine storage facilities. Tatepa is partly owned by its outgrowers, to whom it provides extensive technical and financial support.